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Logan Squared Productions (L2P) has been creating award-winning artistic projects for the joy, inspiration, and betterment of humanity for more than seven years. Most of the events and projects we create have been enjoyed at no cost to the audience. While we love sharing our creativity with the world, we’d like to be clear that we DO accept money in exchange for our time and our talents, and ALWAYS over-deliver.

L2P always has a commitment to diversity and inclusion, and we work when we can to create a platform for other artists to shine. Writers, actors, directors, and technical artists of many ethnicities, ages, levels of experience, and abilities have been part of L2P productions. We also have a commitment to gender inclusivity in our creative process.

The co-producers of Logan Squared Productions hold themselves to high artistic standards as they stay committed to their primary aim; to tell stories that bring to light important issues, challenge the status quo, and inspire creativity, inclusivity, and community in a world desperately in need of stories that matter.



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